Takuma-cho 1-9-607 Ukyo Kyoto, Japan

What is Let's Go Taxi?

Wheelchair-accessible taxi service in Kyoto

Let's Go Taxi is the wheelchair accessible taxi owned and driven by Akio Nakata. Based in Kyoto, one of the most popular tourist city of Japan, it provides a secure and reliable transportation for handicapped travelers from all over the world. The driver who is also a licensed tour guide will help you to plan your tour, visit sightseeing spots, pushing a wheelchair, and tell you about the spot.

Who can use Let's Go Taxi?

Registered in the different category than the ordinary taxi, Let's Go taxi is only allowed to have people with injury, illness, or any kind of disabilities, and elderly customers who could not use other public transportation services on their own. It doesn't matter if you use a wheelchair or not.

About vehicle

The van I use is Atray from Daihatsu. A Wheelchair user can access from the rear ramp, and the other two passengers have seats at one next to the wheelchair and the other in front. It is a small car with 660 cc engine, so not very good for driving on the highway to the airport for example, but best for driving in the narrow alleys in Kyoto city.

The wheelchair shown in the picture is available for your temporary use.

The size of wheelchair which the car can accommodate is shown below. Most wheelchairs are within that size, although a height might be close.


First 2000 meter 620 yen
Each additional 400 meter 80 yen
Below 10km/h speed, each 145 seconds 80 yen

There is no additional charge for the assistance you need out of the car. If you travel for sightseeing, the meter starts when you ride and stops when you arrive at the sites you visit.

About me

Akio Nakata is the manager and a driver of the Let's Go Taxi.

I started the Let's Go taxi service on February 2011 at the age of 36. Before that, I worked at a senior care center for one year and drove a taxi at a taxi company for the following two years. So I was trained as a caregiver and a professional driver, also I have an experience of guiding sightseeing tours in Kyoto and Osaka for almost 100 times.

Contact and Booking

Please use the form below to contact me for booking or other inquiries.